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  • Drain Tap Item No:VC DT
Drain Tap Item No:VC DT

Drain Tap Item No:VC DT

  • 【Material】:316SS 304SS, WCB
  • 【Dimension】: 1/2”~1”
  • 【Pressure Rating】:200PSI/PN16
  • 【Temperature】:-20℃~+180℃
  • Product description:The Production and Approval of Ball Valves is carried out in accordance with National and International Regulations / Standards such as ANSI B 16.34, EN12516-1,DIN PN16/40, JIS-10K
Drain Tap

Item No:VC DT

1.Pressure Rating:200PSI/PN16
2.Working Temperature:-20℃~+180℃
3.Reduce Port
4.Investment Casting
5.Blow-out Proof Stem
6.PED 2014/68/EU
7.Thread Standard:NPT,DIN2999/259,ISO228-1,ISO7-1
8.Inspection Testing:API598,EN12266-1
9.Casting Approved:AD 2000-W0