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New Directions In Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging

Acrylic cosmetic bottle this is a special area in the plastic bottle market. Acrylic material for plastic bottles currently on the market, in addition to applications in cosmetics, health products market, in other areas of plastic bottles are almost nowhere to be seen. Acrylic cosmetic bottles are very popular in cosmetics, which is inseparable from the particularity of the cosmetics packaging market. Cosmetics packaging market to focus on appearance, high material requirements. Common plastic material is unpopular in many cosmetics manufacturers. Acrylic material makes its appearance is different from the normal plastic bottles, closer to the bottle, but on the material characteristics and inheriting the many advantages of plastic bottles.

However, acrylic cosmetic bottles have a large problem is that cannot be recycled, low market recovery, a lot of waste. Alec cosmetic firm materials are very difficult to break down, great harm to the natural environment.

If acrylic material of cosmetic packaging in order to play a role in other areas, we must solve recycling problems. Reduce costs on the one hand, on the other hand are conducive to the sustainable development of the environment. Meanwhile, acrylic cosmetic bottles was challenged by other plastic materials such as PET, this is a real problem.






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